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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Little blogger, big city!

This Saturday, I'm taking off for New York City -- my first trip to the East Coast! Can you believe I've never been further east than Colorado? The last time I had to deal with a three-hour time difference, I was eleven and in Hawaii. Now, not only am I not eleven anymore (thank goodness!), but I'll have to deal with Daylight Savings as well. Hoo boy, four-hour time difference.

I'm taking tomorrow off from work to sleep in, pack, and stock up on some of the things I need to take with me. For example, I need to get travel-sized bottles from the Container Store (surprisingly, one of my favorite stores -- I'm chronically disorganized, but I wish I weren't). I also want a larger cosmetics bag -- mine tend to be freebie Gift-With-Purchase ones, which are just not big enough. (The new one I got from Gloss is great because it has a separate pocket for brushes, and it holds all of my DuWop palettes, but I'm going to need more space, I'm afraid.)

I also need to get full-sizes of the Suki Lemongrass Cleanser and Chamomile Serum. I've been using the mini sample size, which is a great size for travel, but I'm nearing the bottom of the cleanser and would hate to run out in the middle of my trip. So, if I buy the full-size tomorrow and fill my little jar back up, it will work out perfectly. (This is my plan, please do not discourage me from it.)

But here is the most important thing of all: what do I buy? It's New York, after all. I'm already making lists of places to go. I'm searching for perfume, so I am following Blogdorf Goodman's recommendations and checking out both Bond's boutique and Frederic Malle at Barneys. I also want to find some boutiques and surprises, so I'll be keeping my eyes open. While I'd love to bring home a fantastic leather bag, I am very picky about my leather goods, whether it's boots, bags, or jackets.

Ultimately, though, my plan is to have a great time. And maybe to, just a little, see some celebrities.

images from containerstore.com and movies.yahoo.com

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