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Friday, March 23, 2007

My best makeup comes from England.

I have been a huge fan of the Boots makeup line ever since my Aunt and Uncle sent me a makeup kit from them one year for Christmas, so the news that Target is going to be carrying the Boots line made my day! I've been searching in vain for an American mascara that I like as much as the No7 mascara that came with it, and now I can finally get my hands on some more without having to fly back to England for some. (I stupidly forgot to buy some the last time I was in England, since I wasn't out of the tube yet. I am still kicking myself 4 years later.)

The No7 line is fantastic. My favorites from the kit were the mascara (obv.,) and the eyeliner. I used them both in brown, and it's a great shade for blondes/fair-skinned people- it's not too dark for everyday use, but it's not too light either. The mascara goes on without clumping, even with a couple of coats. The eyeliner rocks! I learned how to apply eyeliner with it. It's easy to fix mistakes when you make them, but doesn't travel much once you're out and about. I've woken up the next morning with this eyeliner still pretty much intact!

The eyeshadow is pretty standard stuff- good quality, but it doesn't give me the same raptures as the eyeliner or mascara. It will however, stay in place without eyeshadow base- plus for it! I know this because the Boots kit was about all I used for a year. Literally. I had the kit, and I had a pink covergirl lipstick, and that was it. Then gradually, I got some base, and some concealer, and foundation, and other mascara, and so on.

I can't really say much about their lipstick, since I only ever used it once to confirm that it was completely the wrong shade for me. I'm looking forward to testing out some of the other products they're bringing over.

Check out the Press Release here and check out your local Target in the coming weeks for the products!

image from boots.com

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