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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sweet cuppin' cakes!

We're all big cupcake fans here at the Periodic Elements of Style -- whether it's making them, buying them, or eating them. The one guaranteed stop on my trip to New York was to Magnolia Bakery, the cupcake shop that's been shouted out in The Devil Wears Prada and Ugly Betty (erroneously, I might add -- Magnolia doesn't make a chocolate-raspberry cake!).

Another of my favorite websites is the San Francisco-based Cupcake Blog, which, to me, really illustrates the difference between East Coast and West Coast cupcakes: in New York, the emphasis is on the frosting on top of the cake; here in San Francisco, we focus on the cake itself and its filling. Cupcake Blog has amazing recipes and beautiful photography, and is well worth checking out if you are as interested in cupcakes as I am.

And, of course, there's the cupcakes you can wear: Pancake Meow, who makes handmade scented jewelry, is currently taking orders for her next batch of custom-made cupcake pendants! I ordered mine the last time she accepted orders, and I'm waiting patiently for my sweet little cupcake to arrive in the mail! While these do look more East Coast than West Coast, who can resist any sort of cupcake?

image from pancakemeow.com


Kati said...

Yum! I know we totes talked about this on Friday, but <3 for the tiny cakes of deliciousness! I wish it was my birthday already so I could eat one. ;D Maybe I'll have to order a pancake meow one to tide me over!

Karen said...

I thought those were real cupcakes, just with a whole boatload of frosting. The jewelry is quite tempting...mmm, cupcakes.

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