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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Come on, Barbie, let's go party!

So there's no question that I am definitely a fan of cosmetics, particularly MAC and their varying collections. I jumped in with both feet when they launched the A Muse collection last August, as I was already planning a very mod makeover. (It hasn't really happened yet. I'm still hesitating on that nude lip everyone likes so much. But I've definitely got the hair going now.)

I also love getting makeovers. There's nothing I like more than being put in a chair and having people tell me what to buy. Makes the guesswork a lot easier, especially since I have a tough time matching concealers on my own. However, I've had enough makeovers to know which colors the artists will reach for for me.

And so when I went for my Barbie makeover on Sunday, I told the artist right away that I knew the failsafe colors for my coloring: pink, brown, or green eyeshadow with pink lips, and that I knew I had enough of these colors. Unfortunately, pretty much the entirety of the Barbie collection is just that: pink, green, and brown eyeshadow with pink lips.

Raquel Welch for MAC
So what did I come away with? Turns out I'm not so much of a Barbie girl -- I got three things from the Barbie collection and two from the Raquel Welch collection. Granted, who wouldn't want to look like Raquel Welch? But it's true that my coloring matches hers much better. I also already had some of the collection, so now I have even more.

I think I'm done with MAC for a while now, though. While I liked getting my makeover and the ultimate look I got, I also know that I probably could have put that look together on my own, as I'd already bought the Amazon eye quad and Raquel lipgloss -- the colors I walked away with were practically matches to the eye quad (pale gold, warm brown, dark purple) and the lipstick to go with Raquel. I'm not terribly excited about Balloonacy (more purples and pinks), and since I've bought at least one thing from most of the collections from A Muse on, I think I'm ready to take a break.

Am I done with makeovers? Heck no! I'm going in on Saturday to the DuWop event at Sephora. I'm absolutely looking forward to it (getting matched with Revolotion Face? Yes, please!) and to learning about what they've got in store for spring... especially since you know there'll be celebrities wearing DuWop on the red carpet on Oscar night Sunday. You'll hear it here first!

images from maccosmetics.com

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