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Sunday, February 18, 2007

It's a dog's world

On one of my various trips back and forth from San Francisco to Oregon, I found a necklace on a card -- a tiny briolette of pink jade on a thin silver chain. I also had the option of buying it on a silk thread, but I knew I'd rather not buy a necklace that would eventually break and fall off, even if that was the entire point of the necklace. I tried googling the name when I got home, "Dogeared Jewelry", but at that time there was little to no information.

Well, now Dogeared Jewelry has its own retail site, Dogeared.com, where you can buy their jewelry directly. I was charmed by the necklace above, the Pearls of Success -- just a tiny white pearl with a flat back on a silver chain. It's a reminder that even a grain of sand, with time and patience, turns into a pearl. It's the kind of thing I need to be thinking about lately. Sometimes it takes time and patience to achieve the success I want.

For simple, sweet necklaces that go with everything, check out Dogeared Jewelry.

image from dogeared.com

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