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Friday, February 23, 2007

MORE PUNCHING: We'll miss you, The O.C. (and by we, I mean me, bitches.)

Seth, Ryan, and Summer don't quite believe it in a scene from 'The Debut.'

me: Roy needs to go to rehab.
Jeanne: Yeah.
me: Or anger management and hang out with Andy.
Jeanne: Hee.
Either way, I am looking forward to someone getting punched.
If Roy goes after Jim, Karen will punch Roy. This is my hope.
Because you know Karen would be like "WTF" and then throw down.
me: Yes.
And then Dwight would leap on her.
Because you know he loves the flying leaps.
Jeanne: And Angela would freak out.
me: And stop drop and roll!
Yes! Some TV show has to pick up the slack now that the O.C. is over!
me: That would be awesome!
Ha. This is totally going into my O.C. blog post.

I really had no idea how to start this post, discussing my favorite show of all time. I love the O.C. beyond all that is reasonable. Everyone I know thinks it is stupid. My friends know better than to tell me this to my face, and instead say things like "Sandy Cohen is awesome," which only tells me they have not been watching the past two seasons, because everyone knows that Julie Cooper stole the awesome from the Cohens and ran with it. And then Marissa managed to kill herself and half of her man friends (come on, leaving the awesome seediness of Ensenada for jail is just like being dead, because you must be dead inside to want to leave La Bufadora and all the excellent margaritas and tacos that the city has to offer.) leaving Kaitlin to be everything that is made of awesome.

I am not going to do a recap of the finale post, because tons of other bloggers have done that, many of whom stopped watching halfway though the second season and thus have no idea of the annoying awesomeness that is Bullit. BANG. No, I am going to discuss this flash-foward business. This was supposed to be a happy ending, but I am just all of the confused. Yes, Seth and Summer got married. Yes, Ryan is at Berkeley. Yes, Sandy is a Law Professor. Yes, Kaitlin went on to get some sort of education. Yes, Julie went to school and actually graduated with a college degree. (okay, that was completely awesome.) But where was the Julie/Kiki love? Kirsten was nowhere near Julie's college graduation. Julie wasn't at Summer's wedding. For people that had been living together 50 minutes earlier, this was a huge source of confoundment.

Did mini-Cooper-Atwood try to play doctor with Sophie Cohen one too many times and was banned from attending functions where she would be for the rest of his life? Did this cause a rift between the Cohen-Atwoods and the Cooper-Atwoods? Are Frank and Ryan even speaking anymore? Does Ryan have any contact with his little BROTHER? You know, the one that isn't Seth? Why wasn't Julie at Summer's wedding? Where is the love? WHERE IS THE LOVE?

Ha. Sorry. Let's take a short Kaitlin is made of awesome interlude now, shall we?

So many questions, O.C. So many questions.

Fox has the fourth season available to watch at their myspace website here, in case you are interested in catching up on the awesomeness that was the fourth season. It really was an excellent batch of episodes, and probably the most fun I have had watching the show since the first seven episodes. If you know me and my freakish O.C. obsession, you know that's saying a lot.

Oh lord, this is about as bad an attempt to say goodbye to the O.C. as that crazy montage. Then again, I have never been coherent when talking about this show.

Image from http://www.screencap-paradise.com/index.php

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