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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Boots, briefly

It's October, and I am super-busy, and I am thinking about boots.

Now that I've moved, I'm one of the commuters who walks to and from public transit (in my case, the train) every day. I've mapped it out in Google Maps and that's about three miles a day. So, understandably, I'm looking for comfortable, flat shoes that aren't sneakers. I've got sneakers, and I've been wearing sneakers, buuut they're sneakers and maybe I should wear actual shoes that don't untie themselves every so often. Also, I have cute skirts and dresses and a huge collection of colored tights that I should be wearing more often.

So, to go with said colored tights, I'm thinking about Frye's Veronica shortie. I think they have the right balance of girly, classic, and sturdy that I could possibly justify the $268 cost if I order direct from Frye because they'll last forever. (That said, holy dang, that's a lot of money that I probably should be saving instead, but a good pair of boots is a good investment...)

The thing is, I think they're too short to go well over jeans, and my jeans are too skinny to go over the boots, so they'd have to be worn with skirts and dresses only. Which I can do. I'll think about it.

So, to go with my skinny jeans, I'm considering some Minnetonka moccasin boots. I've been thinking about them since, oh, January, back when I was hoping that spring was around the corner. My major concern would be the suede on rainy days when I'd be dodging puddles and walking through wet grass, but I also think they could be super-comfortable. It would be like wearing slippers to the office! These I wouldn't wear with skirts/tights etc., but would go well with jeans. Plus they're $38.95 (I'd be getting them in black; the white is more expensive), which isn't bad. It would be much more justifiable to spend forty bucks on them.

So, while on the train, I've been thinking about boots. I don't know if I'll be buying either pair, but it's something I'm keeping in the back of my mind. There are other pairs I'm thinking about too, but these two are definitely front runners.

What boots are you thinking about this fall?

images from thefryecompany.com and minnetonkamoccasinshop.com


Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

those Frye boots are perfect! isn't it nice to actually have something stylish that feels good??!

regan said...

I have those Frye boots and I love them. Great quality, comfortable, and fun. I wear them under Gap's Long and Lean jeans, which works really well, but they are cute with skirts and dresses.

Jeanne said...


It's so tempting to get those boots, and you two aren't making it any easier! I'm glad to hear that they're comfortable, Regan -- I probably could fit them under some of my jeans.

WendyB said...

Sigh -- I love those Minnetonka boots. But I'd never wear flats.

Makeup Maven said...

LOVE Minnitonka boots! Maybe it's because of my south western upbringing...I dunno but they're hot! :)

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