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Thursday, October 23, 2008

You wanna be on top (of the masthead)?

So here's something about me you probably don't know: I'm typically very cautious, but sometimes I will jump into something wildly and impulsively. I don't know why, but sometimes I just go, "Oh, what the heck!" and jump and see what happens.

In what may not seem like related news, tonight was the premiere of Stylista, the new fashion reality show on the CW. And here's where they tie in: I tried out for it back in February! I ultimately opted not to continue on in the hopes of becoming Elle's next top junior editor and stick with my job and the blog and my life as normal, because I honestly don't think I could handle the pressure of always being "on" for TV, whether it's behaving myself or always pulling the perfect outfit together. (I also didn't want to have to read about myself on Television Without Pity or Jezebel. Just saying.)

I do know, however, that my strategy would have been to be the one who's there to make friends -- after all, the fashion industry is about connections, and being someone who reaches out to people would have been my plan. Because honestly, if you're coming off as super-negative and you're there for the drah!mah! and airtime and to be a villain, no one is going to hire you when the show is over. And so I'm stoked that Johanna, the fab fashion blogger, is not only super-smart and stylish, but she's also reaching out to Kate and offering to help her out even though she's not even her teammate. (Notice they didn't play her up too much this episode, which means she's in the long game. I watch way too much reality TV, you guys.)

I wish I'd known about Johanna's blog before she decided to take it down (a good call, considering how huge and extensive the contracts and NDAs and background checks etc. etc. are), but I found some more awesome bits and pieces about her from Project Beltway, Fashion is Spinach, and a fabulous five-questions-plus-one from the DC Goodwill Fashionista. (I really do need to do some more blog exploring!)

So while I'm breathing a sigh of relief that I didn't have to face Anne Slowey every day for up to eight weeks, I'm also kind of excited to see what happens. I'm definitely rooting for Johanna and Danielle, since they both seem like awesome girls, and I'm so glad that they're much, much braver than I am.

Have you checked out Stylista? Would you ever consider trying out for a reality TV show? And, help me out with my blog exploring: who am I not reading and should be? I've got my full fashion-and-beauty Bloglines in the left hand sidebar -- where's a noticeable absence?

image from cwtv.com

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DC Goodwill Fashionista said...

Hey Jeanne! Thanks for the shout-out. We're both BlogHer gals, too, which is great. I think you're strategy is right on: digging through other blogs to find out info on people you like. That's how I've found most of my blog links! Good luck... -the DCGF

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