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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Science Fair for September 29th - October 5th

I have officially moved into my new apartment (is it really official if all of your nail polish and make-up has yet to make the move? but they'll be arriving today), and so here is this week's Science Fair! It's very fashion-y this week.

- The New York Times talks with American-grown Gothic Lolitas.

- Bruno has been out and about in Milan, Stella McCartney's show, and yet another Paris show. I have to say, though, because of the higher visibility of these fashion shows, won't it make the movie kind of less shocking/funny because we already know where he'll be and what he's doing?

- SFIndieFashion.com points out three ways indie fashion fans can save money while still supporting independent designers.

- And finally, while everyone may be a little nervous about what preservatives are in your body products and cosmetics and how they might affect us, I think it's just as important to see what happens when you don't have preservatives...

Have a great week, everyone!

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