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Monday, October 27, 2008

Science Fair for October 20th - 26th

It's a small but entertaining Science Fair this week! (And, uh, a late one, but shhh.)

- Here's an interview with the voice of Sleeping Beauty, which is my all-time favorite Disney movie. (Tchaikovsky!)

- Last night was the season two finale of Mad Men, and so here's an excellent interview with Matthew Weiner. MASSIVE SPOILER ALERT, okay? So please do not yell at me if you click on it and read something you didn't want to know until you watch all of season two, okay? Because SPOILERS.

- In more TV news, you can watch the first episode of Season 3 of 30 Rock now on Hulu.

- And in more Mad Men/Hulu news, here's the SNL clip of Don Draper's guide to picking up women.

- "It's like herding LOLCats."

- And speaking of like LOLCats, check out Upside Down Dogs. Eeee!

Have a great week and a happy Halloween on Friday!

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