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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Updated 9:30 PM: Hooray!! It arrived! Crisis averted!


So, as I said last week, my plan was to go as an adorable Little Red Riding Hood with a hoodie dress from niceface.etsy.com. Everything went smoothly and perfectly, and I was supposed to have my dress by Saturday, which would have been awesome.

Except I... don't have it yet. My dress is floating around somewhere in San Francisco's postal system. It sucks because it's only the second thing I've had sent to my new address since moving, and it's one of those things where timing is everything. (Again, this is TOTALLY not the seller's fault at ALL -- she did an amazing job of turning around a custom dress order and had it in the mail last Wednesday, and it should have arrived last week if not this Monday, which is more than enough time.)

So I'm flustered and worried and not sure what I'm going to do. I hope it arrives today or tomorrow (or even Friday -- I wasn't planning on wearing it to work), but I'm starting to think about other costumes I can pull together. I'm going to be out tonight and tomorrow so I won't have much (if any) time to run into a store (either Halloween costume store or regular store).

Luckily, Jennine at The-Coveted.com has been doing awesome Halloween in My Closet posts, ranging from sailors to Natasha Fatale to The 60's Housewife. (I'm still holding out hope that she'll do the See's Candies girl, but time is running out and she's got a lot of neat ideas!)

So I'm regarding what I have in my closet, and I have some emergency back-up ideas just in case the USPS lets me down:

- Liz Lemon -- I was thinking about doing this anyway, as people were suggesting I should go as another brunette with glasses (even though my hair is short and blonde), but honestly it would look like "Jeanne eating a bag of Cheetos with a Sabor de Soledad logo pasted on it", especially since I no longer have the time to get myself a wig. I might have to add lettuce to my hair.
- MAC Girl -- We all know what the sales assistants at the MAC stores and counters look like: all in black with silver jewelry and intense eye make-up. Well, I have all black, and I have silver jewelry, and I have a lot of MAC eyeshadows to play with. (I also have a brush belt, but not handy, argh.) This would be an easy one to do, but I don't know if people would get it.
- Edie Sedgwick - I was considering doing this last year anyway, as I love her style and have a lot of the pieces (dark tops, black opaque tights, short blonde hair) already.
- American Apparel model -- I have a ton of AA stuff in my closet. This would be easy to pull together, as all I'd have to do is lie on couches with my sock feet in the air or stand against white walls. Also, I probably would not need to shower.
- Agyness Deyn -- I would totally throw on random things from my closet and go. Plus a hat (or headband).

I will definitely keep you posted on what I ultimately decide, and perhaps there will be pictures! Keep your fingers crossed that my dress shows up, but I'll figure something out no matter what.

Ever had to pull together a last minute costume? And, if you had to help me pick one of these closet costumes, what would you vote for me to choose?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

oh i bet you are going to be the best little red riding hood! what a great idea... i think i'll have to copy you next year!

ps. we better see pics.

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