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Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. I love to dress up ridiculously and I love candy, so... there you go.

Even as a kid, I never liked the Halloween-costume-in-a-bag costumes, and was always making insane demands of my mother and her sewing machine. ("I want to be a parrot! A pink poodle! Odette from Swan Lake!") And now that I'm older and, well, can't ask Mom to do everything for me, it's a little harder to put together some of the awesome costumes I have in mind. And then, of course, I always get the great ideas for what to be next year... on November 1st. (Isn't that how it always is?)

One of the ideas I've been batting around for the past couple of years (way back when I had long brown hair) was to dress up as Persephone, but I have yet to get around to doing so. Still, if I wanted to be some sort of gorgeous mythological figure or nymph or wood sprite, I would be ordering a gorgeous crown from whichgoose.etsy.com. Her work is simply incredible. (Maybe next year. Remind me of this in early October, someone!)

If you're feeling more like a wing-y fairy than a nymph, you should check out the beautiful wings by UpfromtheAshes.etsy.com -- my favorite pair is this blue and black pair with a pink daisy.

Or! If you're feeling more sinister, the excellent things at MTcoffinz.etsy.com (for custom orders) and MTcoffinzUnderground (for ready made) are fun and a little more sassy, especially if you're in the market for excellent and original tutus (because when aren't you in the market for excellent and original tutus?). I love the bat wing cape at MTcoffinzUnderground and the Striped Cherry tutu at MTcoffinz (or the UV Cyber Pink ruffle tutu -- fab!). Love 'em. Kind of want one. A lot.

And finally, to reveal what I'm actually doing for my costume this year, I bought a hoodie dress from niceface.etsy.com. I'd been thinking about it for ages, ever since I saw Persephassa's in her outfit photos for wardrobe_remix (Day 228 and Day 192, for example). I thought it would be fun to be a not-over-the-top-sexy Little Red Riding Hood (I will still be cute, but I won't be Little Red Hot Riding Hood, you know?). Paired with a bow headband from Sweet Rococo, I am set and adorable and then I'll also have a sweet new jersey dress in my wardrobe as well. Hooray!

Timing is of the essence now, so if you're thinking of ordering something off of Etsy in order to get it in time for Halloween next week (I know! So soon!), you should probably do it soon, as well as letting the seller know that you'd like it in time (and might need to upgrade shipping).

What are you planning on for Halloween? It's a Friday (woohoo!) this year, so it's a great night to stay out late with the ghoulies!

image from whichgoose.etsy.com

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Kati said...

As you know, I am either going to be Blair or Serena from Gossip Girl (Tinkerbell required far too much sewing,) but I have no idea which one to be. I am leaning towards bastard love child of the two, but that might be too complicated for you know, everyone ever who doesn't watch Gossip Girl.

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