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Monday, June 08, 2009

NARS at Nordstrom!

This past Saturday, Karen and I went to the NARS event at the San Francisco Nordstrom -- the only place where you can buy the NARS Loves San Francisco set, and the setting for the first public appearance of Francois Nars in ten years!

It was actually a book signing, but unfortunately they had sold out of his book (which is marvelous and I want it -- I spotted it at Borders yesterday, of course), which meant that I wouldn't get a chance to meet him up close and personal like Karen of Makeup and Beauty Blog, who is awesome and adorable).

That said, I did get to see Mr. Nars upon his arrival. I was already seated in my makeover chair, about halfway through the contouring stage, when my artist said, "He's here! Do you want to go see him?" and I said of COURSE. So off we scurried to snap some pictures, me with half of my make-up done:

I was surprised at how young he is (especially since he "came out of retirement" at the last Fashion Week), but I suppose it was coming out of retirement from being a working make-up artist, as once you've moved up to the level of having your own namesake brand, you probably don't have to work the backstage magic anymore if you don't want to. (Also, love the glasses!)

We finished up my face, using the San Francisco colors (more on that shortly), and while PS-Karen was taking her turn in the seat, I caught up with MBB-Karen in line!

After PS-Karen was done, we headed downstairs to Out the Door and took pictures of our new summer looks before our lipstick disappeared in delicious food! (Click for bigger!)

On my eyes, I've got the Haight-Ashbury eyeshadow duo (light teal-blues) on the lid and lower liner, Angel Island single eyeshadow (lavender) in the crease, Demon Lover eyeshadow duo (dark purples) for upper liner and outer corner, Hungry Heart cheek duo (light gold/pale pink) on the browbone. Cheeks are the Multiple in CapVert, Hungry Heart, and Orgasm blush. Lips are Bettina pencil and Belize lipgloss -- normally I don't do such neutral/nude lip looks, but because the eyes were so awesomely intense, we had to go neutral. And I actually really like the pairing, so I might have to go and get it eventually.

Karen's got Angel Island eyeshadow paired with Golden Gate Bridge (gold), which is actually a cheek highlight used as eyeshadow. Her cheeks are Luster (sheer apricot), and her lips are another pencil/gloss duo -- I've forgotten the pencil (I want to say Cruella?) (Edit: Karen has informed me that the pencil color is Damned, not Cruella), but the gloss is Stolen Kisses.

The NARS Loves San Francisco set is exclusive to Nordstrom San Francisco, so if you're not in the area (or even if you are!), you can call and order it from the NARS counter at (415) 243-8500 X 1098 .

We polished off our day with ice cream from Humphry Slocombe, where I had a double-scoop of Blue Bottle Vietnamese Coffee (yum!) and Secret Breakfast (delicious!) and Karen had Cinnamon Brittle ("like a snickerdoodle") and Tahitian Vanilla. It was a sweet end to a fun day in the city!

(P.S. Don't forget, the MAX Factor giveaway at Periodic Beauty is still open for another week!)

images from periodicstyle.blogspot.com and narscosmetics.com

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WendyB said...

You two are so cute!

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