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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Science Fair for June 15th-21st

You guys, I have had a tough week. With a bit of family time, indulging (finally) in Jeanne's Gossip Girl DVDs, and just a liiiittle bit of shopping with Grandma, I'm ready for another slog through. I'm sure this will change, but I am somewhat in love with that Dan Humphries, mostly because he is a young Mark Ruffalo lookalike. How does that catty little Blair Waldorf pull off styles, like the pearls+brooch over fully buttoned-up blouse, that would look absolutely frumpalicious on me? These are my quandaries, people!

-After a childhood of Sega videogames with my older brother, being game system-less as an adult has left a gaping hole where gameplay entertainment is concerned. Sometimes, when I get bored, I'll do a little point and click adventure game. This weekend, I gave up on finishing all of the Warbears missions to become completely distracted by Japanese point and click game creator Minoto's little vignettes. The list of cute little game is endless, starting with Snow Festival, covering Japanese holidays, Christmas, and traditional fairy tales. Alice in Wonderland, Red Hood, and Hansel and Gretel are particularly cute/weird/awesome.

-Here's a vaguely offensive poll for you, from Glamour: Would you rather be average looking but have a but have a smoking hot boyfriend, or be drop-dead gorgeous but have an average-looking boyfriend? Per my observations, either way people will have an opinion about the relationship. "Why is she with him? He must have money," or "that poor guy couldn't do any better than that?" as if everything is money or looks. After Jeanne sent me that link, I showed her the news story about the woman who shot and skinned her Jack Russell terrier, so I deserve anything I get.

-If you are a fan of drinking in the SF Bay Area, the sticky-floored, bamboo-walled Tiki Crawl 2009 is coming up! Yum yum yum. We made it to the Tonga Room with my friend Courtney, a great tiki enthusiast, before it's about to be demolished to become condos and more hotel. There are still a few tiki holdouts in the Bay Area to enjoy, people, let's keep them in business--it's fake, kitschy American history!

-CMJ's Michael Tenner covers this year's Bonnaroo Festival so you don't get dirty and sunburned for the great music. Apparently Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog and Neko Case has a duet/incident? What?

-Princess Poochie of the lovely Shoe Daydreams blog is initiating a boycott/protest against Manolo Blahnik shoes for their use of ocelot fur! I am a subscriber to the practice of no fur-buying, not even fake fur. However, I do have a "grandfathered" vintage 1950s boucle swing jacket with a fur collar, that I was given as a gift/freebie by a family friend. That I will wear only for special occasions--I would never buy those cuckoo ocelot boots, and it is despicable that a massive international brand like Manolo Blahnik would use fur of an endangered animal to pull of some sort of misguided appearance of classiness. You know what's classy? Not looking like someone from Clan of the Cave Bear while contributing to species endangerment.

-Now that I've gotten all indignant on your asses, time for my favorite bit, food-related miscellany. Cooking Light has a quick true or false quiz on fat for those of you who need a little nutritional brain-teaser. A great waitress at the cafe we took my father to for an early Father's Day dinner tipped us off to Foodie Fight: A Trivia Game with Gameboard and Cards. Is it bad that I kind of want it, if only because I would totally beat EVERYONE?

Ahh, sweet ambition. Coming up in a minute, my three outfit choices for S.'s wedding next weekend! Have a great week, everyone!

Quick update: Holy CRAPOLA, Lady Gaga, why do you have to ruin everything? Please don't do what Gwen Stefani did and misappropriate Japanese fashion...I just couldn't take it!

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