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Monday, January 08, 2007

Obviously stop procrastinating is not one: Resolutions 2007

Well, it's 2007, and I can safely say I have already been to three states this year (four if you count the evil luggage eating Denver Airport,) so travel more probably does not need to be on this list. Things that do:

-Continue to workout three times a week this year, and increase it to four or five a week. I'm shooting for consistency.
-Do yoga more often. Some would consider this part of the last one, but I'd like to be doing a half hour of yoga everyday, regardless of any other workouts. This may require getting up very early.
-Continue to try new things. Some of the more interesting things I tried last year were Open Sea Kayaking, and eating snails. I hope to continue to the trend. So far so good, I had my first facial ever last week and it was very nice.
-Eat healthier. This has been one I've been gradually working on over the past two months or so, and it is going well. I don't want to fall back into my old simple carb loving ways though, so it shall be a resolution.
-Organize my room. It is filled with stuff right now from when I moved, and I would like to just get rid of stuff that I don't want or need and just get every thing tidy for once.
-Write my thesis and graduate, already.
-And lastly, I'd love to read fifty books that aren't chick lit and that I haven't read before within the next year.

Hopefully this will be a far better year for awesomeness than 2006. Let's make it rock.

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