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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Resolutions for a new year: 2007

I think 2007 is going to be a pretty good year. As years go, 2006 was sort of mediocre. Sure, there were good times with friends, dim sum in snowstorms, new directions and all that good stuff. Still, there were polonium-12 poisonings, various surprisingly good-looking celebrity babies were born, Saddam Hussein was hanged, and Democracts won over Congress and Senate. 2006, you gave us a nice variety of outrage, joy, shock, and pleasantry, but I expect that 2007 will be AWESOME. So, on a smaller and much more superficial scale, I have some of my New Year's resolutions to share:

1. Exercise (bloggers! they're just like us!) and strength train at least three times a week. This includes and will be instrumental in my general goal, which is to...
2. Drop a dress size by the summer. Homegirl has been chubby since the sixth grade, and it's time to change.
3. Wear more skirts, and shoes with kitten heels. They may not be pink and frilly, but my daily wardrobe could definitely use a little girly-ing up with skirts.
4. No more frivolous "but it's so cheap!" purchases: only buy clothes that can be incorporated into a professional wardrobe. I am, after all, scheduled to enter the work-a-day world very soon. A carefully planned professional wardrobe will go further for me than a new hoodie that I'd only wear for pajamas, even if it does have owls on it.
5. Read more poetry. I've never been much of a creative writer myself, but I had recently forgotten how beautiful words can be until I caught a reprinting of a Nabokov poem in the January Harper's Magazine. Glorious.

That's really it, keep your fingers crossed for me that I can make time to get all of this done...in addition to this blogging adventure, school, part-time work, and plans for the future, of course!

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