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Saturday, January 27, 2007

with a little help from my friends

Part of why I decided that I wanted to be involved in a beauty/lifestyle blog was looking at the great community of beauty blogs out there already. I'm a huge fan of the blogs in the sidebar and read them whenever they update, with particular favorites being Beauty Addict and Blogdorf Goodman. If a product gets a good review from either of them, you can bet that I'll be clicking their links and checking them out. One of my favorite lip glosses (Sue Devitt's Taza) was recommended by Beauty Addict, and I got a sample of L'Artisan's Tea for Two based on Blogdorf Goodman's Wear Your Stash challenge.

In addition to blogs, though, I also read several forums and review websites, ranging from Beauty Addict Magazine and its forum to Meg's Makeup, which I've signed up for. I'm highly suggestible, so I love to see what people recommend.

I've also been looking for a new face wash routine. I'd been using a facial scrub that was probably too harsh for my skin, causing break-outs on my cheeks (ayyyy!). It was browsing through Meg's Makeup reviews that I discovered Suki skincare, a wholly organic line for sensitive skin. Since the product had unanimously good reviews, and the sample kit was a good deal, I bought the sample kit last weekend to try it out.

To fully disclose how great this product is, I started using it at Ground Zero -- my cheeks were broken out and I've been in a very hormonal week. I've only been using the Lemongrass cleanser, the Willow toner, and the Chamomile serum and only at night, but I can definitely see a change in my skin and I haven't even been using it for a whole week. Karen and Kati have both been subject to me pinging them online saying, "You've got to try this, you've got to try this". The scrub smells like ginger ale and the toner/serum smell like delicious chamomile, which is perfect for winding down and getting ready for bed. I fully intend on buying the full sizes of these three products once I run out of the samples.

Suki skincare can be bought at your local Whole Foods or natural food store or online at SukisNaturals.com (and they add samples when you buy online!).

image from sukisnaturals.com

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