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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

My new pet!

Behold, dear readers, the Hasbro i-Dog!
How cute is that little guy? I was at Kohl's the other day trying to find work-ready clothing (an abysmal failure, a post for another day) and spotted him on a shelf with his buddies, the i-CY:
The i-Cat:

And the strangest member of the iPod accessory animal kingdom, the i-FISH:
It looks like some sort of X-Filesian deep ice-core dwelling space exoskeleton creature, by way of the Sanrio smile factory. I wonder does it bend its little tail to the music or just flash its creepy head-lights?

I'm not entirely sure about whether or not the i-Dog has different "modes" of rocking out to techno, punk, and classical, but it's already shown a pleasantly varied array of lights and movement to Broken Social Scene, Devotchka, the Most Serene Republic, the Andrews Sisters, and Feist. Aww, it just started waving its head back and forth to Rihanna. For a little plastic dog that can fit in the palm of your hand with a speaker the size of a postage stamp, the i-Dog puts out pretty good sound--not professional grade, and certainly not enough to provide ambiance for a loud party, but it'll do for little ol' me. The only complaint I have is that the motors that turn the i-Dog's head make a slightly annoying whirring sound, but it moves to the beat! So cute! That and I kind of wish the thing had eyes...eyeless dog = slightly creepy, flashing lights or no. It even whines like a real dog when your iPod DIES RANDOMLY after every few songs!

Still, I think I will keep him and call him Durango.

images from hasbro.com.

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