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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Science Fair for November 19th-25th

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! As I sit here drinking my gingerbread latte, I'm happily browsing the online sales for you guys while mulling over us being the top goggle result for "emo liquid black eyeliner." This is just extra spice on the spice cake that is my paid holiday, which means I have time to get this holiday-shopping themed Science Fair out to you guys today! It's a little early this week so you can start making your shopping game plan up. (Secretly, I am going to be too busy eating turkey and watching Ugly Betty with my family to be posting this on the weekend, but let's keep that between us.)

But first, a few non-shopping related links here to report:
-I've been watching too much Friday Night Lights lately, so this Wall Street Journal article about woman football coach in Texas was interesting.

-Angela Kinsey is expecting. Congrats Angela! (Toby's going to be an uncle!) Is it sad that my next thought is "I hope her character winds up pregnant with Dwight's love child on the show"? Probably.

-And to segue right into the shopping, on Things I've Bought That I Love, link two! Mindy Kaling continues to strike, buy stuff; we continue to love her.

Now a couple of my favorite places to online shop are having some deals:

-threadless.com has their $10 holiday sale going on through Dec. 16th. I never fail to get compliments on my threadless shirts. Especially from dudes. Just saying.

-Stila has some cute stuff left in their warehouse sale, and free shipping on orders over $50.

-sephora.com has free shipping on orders over $50 as well, and 3 free samples with any order. One of them that you can choose is a sample of Napoleon Perdis Auto-Pilot primer, which I use (and swear by. This stuff is amazing.)

And undoubtedly, more sales are going to be popping up over the weekend and on into the season. Also be sure and check on your favorite deals for Black Friday to see if the stores are offering them online as well, that way you don't even have to leave the house.

-Lastly, here's the ship by dates for Christmas from the post office. Get your cards out by the 20th and get your parcels into the post office by the 22nd!

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