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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Extra sugar, extra salt! Extra oil and MSG!

I have a weakness for body washes. I rotate them around depending on my mood and the weather -- one can't smell like honeysuckle in the fall or like spiced apple cider in June, after all.

My favorite is the Philosophy 3-in-1 shampoo-body wash-bubble bath. I've never used it as a shampoo (I think it would be too harsh for every day use, but if you're traveling and need it in a pinch, I guess it would work), and sometimes it's a bit underwhelming as a bubble bath when you want Big Foofy Bubbles, but it's a great body wash. It's very fragrant in the shower, but doesn't make you smell like food all day, either.

Food, you say? That's right -- pretty much all of Philosophy's 3-in-1s are based on foods or drinks (margarita-scented! heck yeah!), with the exception of the ones that match their in-house fragrances (Amazing Grace, Pure Grace, etc.). The three I have are Vanilla Birthday Cake, Spiced Apple Cider (just back in stock, as it's a limited edition for fall/winter!), and Red Velvet Cake (special edition for Valentine's Day, but also available in a gift set). Heck, I think I bought Grapefruit this summer, but haven't even used it yet! (I used Red Flower's Thai Honeysuckle body wash all summer.)

Because I cycle through them, I've yet to finish off a bottle. That's not going to stop me from debating which one I want to get for this winter, though. Pumpkin Pie or Gingerbread (which only comes in a gift set, alas), I wonder... Or maybe Carrot Cake, which benefits charity. Hmmm. Smelling delicious and helping a good cause *is* awfully tempting, but I already have so many body washes, and one more on the way already... I will have to think about this.

Philosophy products are available at Sephora.com, Beauty.com, and Philosophy.com, as well as Nordstroms and brick-and-mortar Sephora.

image from sephora.com

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