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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Awesome Bostons on Etsy

You guys, I love Boston terriers. They're just so cute and bouncy and TOTALLY AWESOME DOGS. I had a Boston growing up, the infamous Tarbo, known far and wide for eating underwear and racing around the middle school track like he was ON FIRE. Tarbo was a true dog of the people--he hated other dogs, in fact, what a little weirdo. Anyway. After Tarbo tragically left us in my freshman year of college, I've had a rather large place in my heart for Boston terriers. On Potrero Hill in San Francisco, I found a hardcore ball-chain necklace with a glass-encased charm with a wee Boston terrier photo on one side and "MIGHTY" printed on the other. Needless to say, it's my low-self-esteem-day necklace, as if the little Boston declares to my enemies that he may be one foot tall and twenty pounds if that, but he will JUMP UP and RIP OUT YOUR JUGULAR, fo' shizzle.

Thus, periodically, when I can't sleep, I take a little stroll through the goldmine of beauty and craftiness known as Etsy, searching for Boston terrier paraphenelia to adore. See my picks below! I love it! I want them all! Priced lowest to highest:

Even though my life is pretty much in transition for the next year or so, I still harbor a desire to decorate my (future/permanent) apartment with some Boston terrier goodness. What's better than polka dots AND the best kind of dog in the whole world? $20.

How great is this necklace? The clasp at the front balances everything out so well, and I hate that kind of clasp in the back--I always feel like it's going to come loose when I'm not paying attention. Still! A little subtle Boston terrier-ness for the discerning jewelry-seeker. $92.

What a saucy mister that little dog is, in his top hat! Sure, it's $250, I'm not rolling in the monies right now, but it's a great idea. Showdog!

all images from etsy.com, respectively: ?, Jade Scottand Vanguard Gallery.

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