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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Need a little luck?

I wouldn't consider myself unlucky, as a rule. I'm just someone who needs a little extra push at times. I'm also somewhat superstitious, so I do believe in things like lucky charms and karma and all the things that are supposed to bring good energy/things into your life.

So, in the interest of sharing that good energy (in the hopes of getting more back!), here are some things that might just turn out to be your lucky charm!

Above, from Kathryn Riechert on Etsy, the Lucky Penny necklace. How adorable is that! I'm forever picking up pennies, and have been known to kick them until they're right side up. (Generally, I pick them up anyway even if they are face down.) One of my favorites in her shop is the Nesting Birds necklace, as I've been crazy about wire/beads birds nest jewelry lately (if you are too, check out Starry Designs on Etsy -- I have an oxidized Robin's Nest ring and I love it; look at how beautiful the Goose That Laid the Golden Egg ring is).

I've also been wearing a St. Christopher's medallion for good luck in travel. I'm not a surfer or Catholic, but it doesn't hurt to have something cool and lucky on you, especially when it comes in hot pink (yes!!). Another wearer of a St. Christopher? Sam Tyler in Life on Mars. (Not Doctor Who, as I thought, but still good, right?)

Another good way to find a lucky charm with more meaning to you is to find your personal crystal. Now, I know it's all hippie-new-Age-y-maybe-Jeanne-stayed-in-Eugene-too-long stuff, but if it works, it works, right? I've been wearing amazonite, lapis lazuli, and smoky quartz bracelets I bought in Japan. For extra bonus, once you find the stone you want, go search for it on Etsy and support an independent artist. More good karma, right? Who doesn't want that?

image from kathrynriechert.etsy.com

1 comment:

Karen said...

LIFE ON MARS I LOVE IT AND I AM SO SAD IT'S OVER. aaahh. You were so close with the Doctor Who--coincidentally, John Simm, who played Sam Tyler in Life on Mars, was in the last three episodes of Doctor Who this past season.

Yeah he was. And he was AWESOME. The Doctor doesn't wear any pansy-ass necklaces, but he does have the universe's greatest pocket watch, which may have incited my newfound love for pretty-things-made-of-watches. <3!

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