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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Hints for Health and Vigor, #2

Your mom always told you this, but--

2. Always wash your hands.

Wash your hands after tying your shoelaces and, appropriately, making a #2 because YOU HAVE NO IDEA of the creepy-crawly disease-causing things in dirt and fecal matter. Here's a reminder: anthrax spores and E. coli. Oh, yeah, THOSE.

You don't even have to use anti-bacterial soaps and hand sanitizer all the time, in fact, it's probably better that you use a mix of regular fancy-smelling soap made from lamb-chewed France-milled oats and organic, gluten-free soy protein molded in recycled Starbucks containers with antibacterial products. Bacteria can develop a resistance to the common types of antibacterials to become SUUUUPER GEEERMS, as in, super-deadly. You've heard about that terrible kind of antibiotic-resistant staph that kills people in hospitals, right?

The lamb thing will be saved for a different HHV edition later on staying away from livestock. Especially in England.

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