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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Ooh! Ooh!

Okay, I know it's a policy of mine to not write about things I haven't personally purchased for myself. Which, honestly, can make for slow blogging when you're not reporting on the new lines that come out every other week (I just *bought* from the newest MAC collection, and there's going to be *another* one *next* week? ...okay, FINE).

But have you heard about this? I read it first at Now Smell This: Lush is putting out solid perfumes. Our love for Lush has been well-documented here -- slowly but surely, I've been trying new things from their catalogue, and I'm still hoping for their cosmetics line to come overseas.

But solid perfumes! I do love me a solid perfume! I'm excited about this; while I do know that Lush's scents can be overwhelming, as you can smell them a block away, I imagine that a solid perfume should still stay close enough to the skin that you won't blast people with fragrance as you walk by. But we'll see. We'll see.

You can definitely count on me reporting back on these once they're released!

The scents are:

Karma: Patchouli & orange
Honey I Washed The Kids: Honey & toffee
Potion: Spicy carnations
Fever: Exotic floral bouquet
American Cream: Strawberry honey milkshake
Go Green: Citrus & earthy
Silky Underwear: Jasmine & vetivert
Dirty: Herbal spicy
Champagne Snow Showers: Wild oranges & cognac

I can't wait!

image and info from lush.com

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