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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Hints for Health and Vigor, #1

So I'm starting a new thing here out of my academic interest in public health and infectious disease, and that is an ongoing list of tips and hints to prevent germs and bacteria from breeding all over you. Maybe not really. Let's just call it general health, safety, and contagion prevention. Tonight's lesson is from the gym, courtesy of Sweaty Men Everywhere:

1. When filling your water bottle at the gym, always use the water fountain by the aerobics/pilates room, NOT the one nearest or in the weight room.

Why? Men are disgusting. They scratch their nether regions and then drink from the water fountain, not to mention putting their mouths right on the spigot. You might say that's all kind of sweatily sexy, but do you want infectious mononucleosis or amebiasis? Remember cholera?

Let me tell you, women are much cleaner, wash their hands more often, and don't put their mouths on the spigot. Here ends lesson number one. Have a good time at the gym!

Image from dpd.cdc.gov.

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