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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I went out to lunch with my old roommate last week when she was back in town (and by lunch I mean late-afternoon beers at the dive bar where her boyfriend works,) and she decided to ask me more about this blogging thing I've been doing.
"What exactly do you write about?" she inquired.
"Colored tights and headbands, mostly."
"...What do you write about colored tights?" was her dumbfounded reply.

What indeed. The Runways were still delightfully full of colored tights this February. While trends come and go so fast that it's easy to lose track of what's in and buy something that's out, investing in classic, basic clothing and using accessories to punch up and modernize the outfit means that the only new things you have to buy each season are the accessories themselves. It's perfect for someone on a budget (such as the majority of college students and post-college grads, like me.)

I am a follower of this theory, as evidenced by my wardrobe-- black dresses, black skirts, black sweaters, black boots-- you name it, I probably have it in black. But walking around in all black is way too goth for me, which is why colored tights are fantastic! I love surprising people with a bold pop! of color on my legs.

Where to buy?

welovecolors.com has a great selection of colors, they're upfront about the opacity of the tights. I have a couple of pairs in the cheap-o version, which are sometimes a bit baggy in the lower leg, but true to color. I'm thinking of getting some of the microfiber tights to compare the two, but since they're backlogged, it might take awhile.

If you don't want to wait for Welovecolors to get tights back in stock, American Apparel and Urban Outfitters both have a good color selection! The Urban Outfitters ones worry me because there's no size chart listed, but the price is right at 2 for $20. Does anyone have these and can tell us more about them? The American Apparel ones are good for multiple wearings according to Jeanne, and American Apparel is everywhere, so it's easy to check out the tights in person.

Now if you're looking for some tights that are just a little bit different, Sock Dreams has a great selection of patterned tights, or make your own gradient tights with this tutorial from The Coveted.

Image from urbanoutfitters.com


Jeanne said...

I got pretty much the exact same question: "Why do you love colored tights so much?"

I think my response was, "I just do!"

Anonymous said...

Tights are tight.

Susie Bubble said...

Tabio does the best coloured opaques...

We Love Colors said...

Hey, thanks for nice comments! No problems with stock anymore. That bagging at ankles problem indicates you went with our classic Style # 1002. We have added a newer nicer style that you will love! Try our Style # 1008 links below. Also, we have added that same style tights in a footless version Style # 1041, check them out!

Style# 1041 - Footless Tights

Style# 1008 - Nylon/Lycra Tights


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