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Monday, February 04, 2008

Science Fair for January 28th-February 3rd

Oh, wow, have I been busy. I've moved three times, once across the country, started a new job, and somewhat adjusted to life without excellent cable television (PLEASE END, WRITER'S STRIKE, I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE), all in the last three weeks or so. I've barely had a chance to catch up with my favorite blogs, it's absolutely tragic. Now is the time for a little relaxation and self spa-treatments, maybe a manicure--but definitely not a pedicure. Those things will give you foot infections for sure.

On to the week's review!
-Only the ingenious Erin of A Dress A Day could buy curtains at Target and make them into a MIRACLE. I can't wait to see the result.

-Hairless wonder twins kick cancer!

-Leave it to the Australians to come up with low-fat Nutella spread. Oh, YUM. I have definitely made a PILE of crepes at home just to eat with Nutella and thoroughly enjoy.

-Have you been to the Bento Corner yet? Mrs. Bento Corner makes the most amazing, cutest little lunches for her kids, all while surviving as a semi-expat in Japan. Why didn't my mother make lunches like these for me when we were living in Japan? All I ever got was a stale peanut butter and marmalade sandwich on sourdough (believe me, it's the worst combination ever)! Oh, the jealousy. You'll learn to love it, as I have.

-If you've enjoyed PostSecret in the past, I am last in the game and only just discovered its way more awesome cousin, FOUND Magazine. It's so bitterly life-affirming that strangers pick up and care about the little things we lose in life, and hilarious that most of these little slips of paper are found in the parking lots of big box stores across America.

-I think She's A Betty and I have very similar tastes in theory, because every time she posts her Vintage Finds, I covet every single piece. Now with a great tip for eBay vintage hunters!

Just as a side note, lest you all think I am the least girly of our fair coterie of co-bloggers, I'll have everyone know I've been using Benefit's BadGal lash mascara for work, and my eyelashes are CRAZY OUT OF CONTROL. I slap some of that stuff on and it's like KA-BAM, work-appropriate-sexy, with no need for liner or eyeshadow at all. It's great, and it's definitely true that putting mascara just on your upper lashes makes you look more awake--always a bonus. There are a bunch of oft-promised posts coming up from me, including praise for hair irons and lip glosses for cold weather.

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