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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Science Fair for February 11th - 17th

Well, the Great Mascara Experiment is over two weeks old now! Only four weeks more! I guess the actual deadline for mascara is three months, not six weeks, but I think six weeks ought to be enough.

So, while I'm lashing it up every day, here are some links to check out!

- A daily pressing concern is the impending zombie apocalypse. There've definitely been discussions about what I, personally, can bring to the table and why I should be granted sanctuary in the zombie-proof bunkers that are surely being built as we speak (at least, I hope so). Kati and I have also had at least one drunken discussion on how to stop a zombie attack in a bar (not the Winchester). So the Post-Apocalyptic Workout is possibly the most amazing thing ever. What an awesome way to go about bettering yourself; not only is she preparing herself physically for the zombie attack, but by gaining skills such as First Aid/CPR training, growing her own food, and basic construction skills (and that includes sewing/mending, too). Very, very clever and inspirational, even if you are tired of zombies.

- I've been adding a whole ton of vintage and thrifty blogs to my Bloglines on the sidebar (yes, I read every blog that's in my Bloglines!), with some of my favorites being Liebe Marlene and The Goods!, who I found through the awesome video interview at The Coveted last week. I'm also super-digging PainfullyHip.com. I'm incredibly inspired by all of these blogs and have already darted off in the middle of one workday to go thrifting... and plan to make a fairly regular habit of it. (Oh dear.)

- Have I mentioned how much I love the interior design blog sfgirlbybay? Reading her blog makes me realize how much I really, really need a digital camera and an apartment of my own to decorate. I also really want one of her Keep Calm and Carry On posters. Once I have a place to put one that isn't my office, I assure you, I'm getting one.

- And finally, from Entertainment Weekly, an article on Tyra Banks and her plot to take over the world with a tub of bedazzled Vaseline. Or, you know, just to take over the world. Also, Top Model returns this Wednesday with a new set of girls, and they're back in New York after five seasons of being in LA. Fierce (or should I say, ferosh)!

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