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Friday, February 08, 2008

Sweet Escape

A big aspect of fashion is the hypothetical part of it -- we admire the gowns on the red carpet, we marvel at the couture runways, and magazines are full of the "aspirational" items that we too could have if we were as rich as we deserve to be. So much of it is wondering what if. Fashion says so much about us and who we are -- who would I be if I were someone who would wear a Marc Jacobs fedora or a Galliano couture dress on a regular basis?

And so we love to play in our minds and in our dressing-up: who am I going to be today? What would I wear on the red carpet, and why would I be there? Everyone has their "someday, if I..." outfit tucked away in their mind.

The new custom-made boutique site Sweet Rococo takes it even farther: you can create your own outfit through their website, then have it custom-made to your specifications.

Sweet Rococo serves the Gothic Lolita market -- the fashion movement, based primarily in Japan, of feminine neo-Victorian appearance. Think of antique porcelain dolls with their beautiful lace dresses and slightly sinister airs. And, within the Gothic Lolita movement, there are the additional branches -- are you sweet? Are you sinister? Do you prefer pink, white, blue, black, red? You can choose for yourself.

The interface at Sweet Rococo is easy to navigate and a lot of fun -- how many bows, if any, do you want, and do you want them in ribbon or matching fabric? You can mix, match, and customize your dress to your heart's delight. You can then save them to your closet or have them ordered: before you check out, you are directed to a site that requests all proper measurements.

And let's not forget the accessories. My favorite part was discovering the side-bow headband in any color you want. Want the perfect Blair Waldorf red bow headband? You can have it made just for you. That's what I did.

Last year I spent most of the summer looking for the perfect white summer dress, and I couldn't find it. I wanted something pretty and feminine, ideally vintage or vintage-styled, but not see-through. This time, I think I'll order it from Sweet Rococo and have it in time for summer. You know, just in case I wake up one day and realize that yes, today is the day that I am someone who does wear a beautiful handmade dress... that I designed myself.

images from sweetrococo.com

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