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Friday, August 15, 2008

Out and About: August 16 and 17 -- ZOMBIES!!

This is a very important warning.

We have received word that there will be zombies attacking San Francisco tomorrow, specifically at 2:05 pm.

Do not go out to try to find them. Specifically, avoid these locations.

Do not wear an X of duct tape on your shirt. They are attracted to this. If you do not have a duct tape X on your shirt, you will be safe.

Be sure to follow the status of the zombie mob at @SFZombieMob so you can be sure to stay away and keep safe!

I am especially concerned because Kati is coming to visit this weekend (!!!), and the three Periodic Style ladies will all be in one place for the first time since last spring! We better be careful, so you look out, too!

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