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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Science Fair for August 18-24

Happy weekend, everyone! Next weekend is Labor Day (hooray, hooray!) and I will finally get to go to the beach... for the last weekend of summer.

I've been saving up some of these links for a while, so there are quite a few!

- Did you know that the USA female gymnasts are all CoverGirls? I'm not really sure how I feel about this, honestly.

- I say there's nothing better than a man in a good suit, and Valet goes into Mad Men's costuming, particularly how the different characters wear different suits based on their personalities. Really interesting (and inspiring) stuff!

- The Non-Blonde puts a lot of questions to rest. Hooray for transparency!

- I am drowning in perfume, and Now Smell This figured out how you can find out how many years' worth of perfume you have. I... don't want to know.

- This year I've got cupcakes as my daily calendar, but next year I'm thinkingI might have to pick up the Cute Overload one...

- In more adorable news, a penguin in Scotland was knighted. I have no other words, just that you need to watch the video immediately.

- Finally, I'm offering this as an apology to everyone who's ever found us through Google in search of actual science: PeriodicVideos.com. There's a YouTube video for every element, and it's pretty brilliant. Check out sodium to see water make sodium catch on fire! And magnesium is always a good time too.

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Jamie Lovely said...

covergirls? really? i don't know if i like that idea.

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