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Monday, August 18, 2008

You know you love me -- Gossip Girl on DVD tomorrow!

At last! Tomorrow is GG-Day -- the day that Gossip Girl finally comes out on DVD!! So if you've been wondering -- and waiting -- what all the fuss is about, there's enough time to snag the first season, sit down, and watch the whole fun first season before Season Two starts two weeks from today (!!).

It's pretty clear that everyone's looking for inspiration from the Upper East Side girls, whether it's Blair, Serena, or Jenny, Kati, and Iz. (Don't forget Miss Georgina Sparks or Vanessa Abrams, either!) And what's kind of hilarious is how brands are responding.

Check out just a few of the items we found with the names "Blair" or "Serena":

- Zoya Nail Polish in "Blair" is a gorgeous cranberry red, which we can totally see Miss Waldorf wearing. (I kind of want this too. And not just because it's named "Blair".)

- While we couldn't find it at Sephora.com or Stilacosmetics.com, Beauty.com has Stila High Shine lip color in "Serena". You know the Upper East Side's Golden Girl probably has this in her bag, right? (Right next to her favorite lip gloss from the books...)

- Perhaps the funniest use of the names "Blair" and "Serena" to name products comes from Oh Deer! shoes (who make a lot of money off of their Faux-boutins). These shoes are basically the same except for the colors (taupe and navy for Blair, orange and black for Serena) location of the detailing: Blair gets a cap toe, and Serena gets a fancy heel. I totally see it.

- Steve Madden pays tribute to Serena with this slouchy Serena bag that wouldn't be out of place on her arm.

- Naturally we pulled things from Etsy for our two shopping guides, so we wanted to see what else we could find for B and S. Serena gets a lovely crystal necklace, while Blair is more of an inspiration than a namesake with this vintage rhinestone headband. (Of course it's a headband!)

With that, we have some predictions for Season Two of Gossip Girl:

- Bart Bass dies in the Season Two finale because he looks like Caleb Nichol. (The important question is, will they play "Hallelujah" when he does? My guess would be YES.)
- Chuck's mom comes back from "the dead"; ideally she will be played by Melinda Clarke.
- Little J gets (gasp!) a REAL boyfriend. ...or drops off the face of the earth, because Eleanor Waldorf eats her for lunch.
- The girls go to Fashion Week. Wooooo.
- We find out what Lily actually does all day besides Rufus Humphrey.
- Chuck will have amusing sartorial choices.
- Blair will continue to gift-wrap her head with ribbons and other headband finery.
- Serena and Dan get back together... and break up again. Ad nauseum.
- Nate has a slut spiral.
- Vanessa continues to not be as cool as book!Vanessa.
- Blair gets a sibling! It's Rachel Bilson! (Or not. But she'll probably show up at some point. At least, we hope so.)

Are you looking forward to the return of Gossip Girl as much as we are? Or have you been waiting to sit down and absorb it all in one go?

It's like I always say: too much of a good thing is even better... so enjoy! xoxo!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yay, I'm so looking forward to season 2. Season 1 just started in New Zealand on Friday nights. But luckily through the magic of the internet I have seen it all already.

Loving the predictions for season 2. Am looking forward to seeing Chuck again after I decided I actually love him instead of hate him at the end of season 1.

xoxo :]

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