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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Coffee (Tea) Talk

I am absolutely swamped today, and will probably continue to be so for a while yet -- July is coming up fast. But I'm still going to be posting... I just don't have the time for a full-on post today. Sorry!

So! Open comments day! You can ask questions of us, talk about things, whatever you want. The comments are your place to say/ask whatever you want. I'll pop in and answer/discuss with you, so if you leave a comment, check back! I'll give you some jumping points!

- So You Think You Can Dance! Are you watching it? What do you think of the Top 18?

- The return of Project Runway in July! It's the final season on Bravo... I was kind of underwhelmed by the last season, but I always come back. (This is what happened with me and ANTM, too.)

- Summer movies! What are you looking forward to seeing? What have you already seen and loved?

- Any music recommendations? I always want to find new music.

- Are we still feeling the gladiator sandals? Because I am, and I didn't think I would be at the start of the summer, but... (j'adore couture's gladiator wedges at the Coutorture meet-up are still on my mind...) That said, I'm pretty picky about them. What do you think?

- And, something I'm going to touch on in a future post: what's your current beauty addiction? What can you just not stop buying even though you have enough? (Is there ever enough?)

- Whatever you want to talk about! Got a specific question? Want advice or a recommendation? The email's always open for that, but you can go ahead and ask here too!

- Peanuts: neither peas nor nuts. DISCUSS.


Anna at ShoeSmitten.com said...

Q1: How can a person pull off short shorts without looking trashy?

Q2: Do you like these Fuzzy Nation bags? http://style-ology.com/?p=62 (please leave comment on the blog)

As for gladiator sandals, I dig gladiator heels, but not flats. I am pretty picky about them too.

Jeanne said...

Hi Anna! Thanks for starting in!

Q1 -- Kati and I discussed this amongst ourselves; she has her own answer, but mine is:

- if the shorts are loose (that is, not skintight) and cotton weave (denim, khaki, etc.)
- paired with flats -- can be skimmers, sandals, or even a low wedge -- not a heel!
- with a loose blouse or top -- again, not skintight. Since you're showing so much leg, you want to balance it out by not showing as much up top.

Sally Jane of Sally Jane Vintage has been putting together some adorable outfits with high-waisted shorts (and rompers!) lately, too. I never thought I would pine for high-waisted shorts or rompers until I saw what she could do with them.

I do like the flat gladiators, but not the ones with the high ankle straps, or ones that go all the way up the calf.

Karen said...

Q1: Having seen many a teenaged and older girl trying to pull off short-shorts, I must say that you have to wear your short-shorts with pride and purpose. That purpose, of course, is to show off your SMOKIN' HOT legs, but as Jeanne said, pairing hot pants with a heeled shoe will put you on the express train to Skankytown.

Re: gladiator sandals, it really depends for me...so many gladiator sandals are just too flat, you run the risk of looking like Earth Mother Bondage Queen. I'd have to agree that adding a heel gives the gladiator look a more modern, hardcore edge that is SO. TEMPTING.

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