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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Science Fair for May 26th - June 1st

Rabbit, rabbit! Today's June 1st! Here's hoping for a great June! If you're getting ready to graduate this month (or have already graduated!), congrats!!

- Want to know how to craft an effective marketing email to bloggers? Jena from Modish tells us what everyone appreciates -- knowing important things like, oh, the blogger's name(s), what they write about, and not flooding with things we don't need like too many pictures.

- This awesome tutorial for button pendants reminds me of the necklace I bought at Maker Faire for my birthday giveaway. (FYI, someone here at PeriodicStyle is having a birthday this month...)

- In more crafty news, the San Francisco Chronicle tells us all about delicious homemade jam and how to make it ourselves. These all sound awesome. (I haven't had breakfast yet!!)

- And in even more delicious news, the Beauty Brains tell us about beer beauty myths, and come to the conclusion that beer is, ultimately, for drinking.

- Got a lot of spare time and a lot of, well, nerdiness? Check out the amazing Secret History of Star Wars. It's a book in PDF format that's over 500 pages long and talks all about the creation of the Star Wars mythology. Seriously fascinating stuff, if you're into it (which I am).

- Finally, have you heard about Brightkite.com? It's like Twitter, but location-based -- you "check in" to a location, and you can see other people who check into your location. You can also post pictures to it as well. Anyway, if you're at all interested (and at all frustrated with Twitter's downtime lately, ahem), I've got 5 invites, so drop me a line at periodicstyle at gmail dot com if you want to try it out!

Have a great week!

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