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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Science Fair for June 15th - 21st

This weekend has been incredibly brain-meltingly hot, starting Friday and going through yesterday. Hopefully today will be cooler (that's what they're telling me), but it's still early on. I would loooove to take off and go swimming today, but alas, I don't have a pool to go to, and the beach will be packed before I even get there. So I'm out in the backyard (hooray for laptops!) instead!

- This is primarily for Karen, my partner in loving vintage glasses: So THERE, Dorothy Parker!

- Have you discovered the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee? CUTEST KITTEN PICTURES EVER. I wish I lived in the Tacoma area just so I could take one of these cuties home with me, but I don't -- and I know there are just as many adorable kitties waiting for good homes everywhere. Foster/adopt and spay/neuter!

- The Park Bench gives a few reasons as to why I'm being the way I am. Generally for me, it's #4 -- I tend to have lack-of-protein meltdowns. You know, like I'm three.

- I know I'm trying to stay away from MAC (I do not need ANY MORE), except Specktra just posted these swatches of the fall collection and I think I need to have it. (Sigh.)

- I am probably super-late to the party, but if you aren't already reading Trend de la Creme, you are missing out on some truly awesome work. And her column for Coutorture is fascinating.

Have a great week, and keep cool!

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