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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Science Fair for June 22nd-28th

What a weekend I had! I'm usually a huge homebody, so a double-header of weekend outings is CRAZY TIMES. We made the trek out to Coney Island on Saturday, and it was a strange mix of amazing and sad, not to mention dirty and probably hepatitis-ridden. Since I'm a wuss who is afraid of dying on roller coasters (have you see how rickety that Cyclone is?), I only made it onto the Wonder Wheel, which was an incredible view of the whole park but totally sick-making as the cars swung wildly back and forth. Phew. Was I glad when that ride was over! Sunday, I went out to "royal" tea at Lady Mendl's salon in the Inn at Irving Place, it was lovely and delightful despite the torrential downpour we were caught in. I am a huge sucker for those tiny tea sandwiches and chinoiserie!

Now, off to this week's Science Fair:
-I'm always searching for little, easy ways to make my diet healthier. Surely the trips to Nathan's Hot Dogs and pizza nights don't help, but I'll take any hints or encouragement I can get. If you're just starting out on a healthier lifestyle, or looking to renew your efforts, here are some nice, simple tips for healthy eating.

-Are you feeling lucky? You'll need a little more style than luck if this Urban Decay vegan cosmetics contest, but it goes without saying that our readers are OBVIOUSLY super-chic all the time. Let us know if you enter, we'd love to see your submission!

-I've just discovered a new site out of the UK, HippyShopper, that's a great resource for green, stylish products. Most of them are available in the UK, but I'm sure with a little Google effort, you could find them near you.

-Tastespotting is back, thank goodness! I wish I could be so talented at food photography as these people...wow. Warning: DO NOT LOOK AT TASTESPOTTING WHILE HUNGRY.

-From what I observed at afternoon tea yesterday, I suspect a fascinating psycho-social study could be made of how young ladies like ourselves just love to pretend like we are fancy, fancy debutantes and socialites. You can, too, with a couple of recipes for finger sandwiches like radishes with butter and mint with cucumber. Lovely! If I could re-do my life up until now, I might go into nutritional anthropology/culinary history like Deb Duchon.

-New York City is going through a huge food crisis of the fatty and delicious kind right now. It's got to be tough to make your pies flaky and cannolis light and crisp without artery-clogging grotesquerie. Truthfully, I haven't noticed any changes--fatty food is still fattening, with or without trans fats!

I'm back to beautiful, smoky California in two weeks, so off I go to eat myself silly in Manhattan! Have a great week, everyone!

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