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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tag this, suckers!

I'm alive! It's been a crazy time the past few days, I was trapped in one of the worst thunderstorms of my life in Brooklyn trying to wade towards the Renegade Craft Fair (tragedy!), ended up in another thunderstorm at an airport with a postponed then cancelled flight, forcing me to spend another night in the cookie-cutter anony-mall world that is northern Virginia (why does it all look the same?), which ultimately turned a 24-hour business trip into a 56-hour torturous ordeal. Oof. I hate layovers, it's so stressful and yet so boring at the same time, what's a girl to do?

Jeanne posted this little meme a few days ago, and since she tagged both me and Kati in turn, I thought it was about time to catch up! I filled it out while enjoying a bit of German peppermint chocolate. Post-gym, of course, I do try!

What were you doing ten years ago?
Probably at school, coming home and watching Strangers with Candy and Kids in the Hall on Comedy Central (back when it was great and not skanky)! Good times! That or being forced to watch traumatic foreign films by my mother--a great education, but emotionally scarring.

What are five things on your to-do list today?
1. Install my new shower curtain--the old one got all mildewy! It was pretty gross. (I feel like they make mold-resistant shower curtains these days...yeah, a quick Google search points to yes, but they're just not as cute as the patterned ones!)
2. Start writing my thesis. Oh, god.
3. Stop using the computer and take a shower.
4. Start packing up my winter clothing. (I bought travel vacuum bags today, that's a step in the right direction! Those things are miraculous.)
5. Finish writing up my background reports on anthrax hoaxes for work.

Snacks you enjoy?
God, I love salty food. If I could eat only salty food for the rest of my life and not die of rickets or scurvy, I'd totally do it. Tortilla chips are my Kryptonite. Nabisco makes the most delicious Pringles-like, but far more light and crunchy and flavorful than Pringles, chips in Japan only--CHIPSTAR. I have yet to find Chipstar in the U.S., despite my many forays to all kinds of Asian markets and snack food emporiums. Little fruit tarts tug at my heartstrings, too, particularly pear-almond cream ones...oooh...

Places you've lived?
Mostly the San Francisco Bay Area, with a few years of Japan (Narita and Tokyo--Narita totally sucked ass, but I was a wee toddler back then), Maryland, Massachusetts, California's Central Coast, and now New York City. Did you know I went to four different elementary schools? We moved around a lot when I was little, thanks, Dad.

What are 5 things you would do if you were a billionaire?
1. Donate to charity internationally, specifically to rebuild infrastructure and homes in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, and Sudan to support resettlement and community building. (This is assuming that all this money would come with a magical power to resolve the security situations in all those countries, obviously.)
2. Donate to charity domestically in the U.S., to support reproductive rights, pre-natal care for women in need, historical preservation in America's small towns, etc. etc.
3. Buy a crazy sweet penthouse apartment in the East Village and put money aside to eat out all the time in New York. That's a cool billion gone, right there. If only New York didn't smell like feces all the time...
4. Buy a little cottage somewhere charming, just for the hell of it. Maybe even a small island? We're talking billions, right?
5. Sit around and do nothing all day, maybe with some dogs, in either of those two properties.

People you want to know more about?
Lee Pace. Specifically, does he have a girlfriend, and does he know that I am the perfect woman for him? Ditto for Edward Norton. I just can't put a finger on what it is with the two of them. I might include Clive Owen in there, but I am no home-wrecker! On a more grounded level, I too would love to know more about our readers--how did you find us, what do you enjoy the most about this blog, and what do you want to see our takes on?


Girl-Woman said...

Love your charity donations. That is real beauty.

Karen said...

Hi girl-woman,

Thanks for your comment! I was about to put all of the superficial, "I want my own island called Me-Ville" items first, but felt too guilty. Note to self, charity first, private jets later!

Nada said...

It doesn't smell like feces here when it's raining. Or in my apartment, redolent of Japanese incense!

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