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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lucky Number Seven

I've returned from Vegas, and I came out winning -- well, not so big, but that's okay! I came home with $7 in winnings. Wooo, $7! So I got to thinking, what could I spend my big money on? Here are a couple of things I could have bought if I hadn't spent $5 of my $7 on frozen yogurt yesterday. (It was hot!)

First off, there's the classic Rosebud Strawberry Lipbalm/Salve. I already have the original Rosebud Salve, and it's not bad, but I'd definitely switch to strawberry if I ever used up the tin of salve I already have. $5.59 from Drugstore.com.

Secondly, remember how I was so excited about the new Lush in Las Vegas? Turns out it was right there in my hotel (Mandalay Bay)! Even better! The staff was super-nice, and I did come away with Hot Milk?, a bubble bar for my large hotel room bath (among other things, of course). $6.65 at Lush.com.

I'm a nail polish fiend lately, as you may have guessed, and there will definitely be more on nail polish later. One of the places I've been lurking about lately is Head2ToeBeauty.com, where you can find Essie nail polish at $3.50 each. $3.50 each! For Essie! (They also have several other brands, including China Glaze and OPI, for equally good prices.) Essie isn't Big 3 free yet, so if that's something you're concerned about, now you know. (And how awesome is it that AllLacqueredUp is the first Google hit I got when looking for Big 3?)

My hair is probably long enough to take a hair clip now, but I'm going to get it cut on Thursday... so there goes the hair clip option again. Still, I think everyone should check out these vintage plastic hairclips on Etsy; they're colorful, fun, and cheap! $3.25 each (!!).

And finally, check out some of the crafty things at FancyFeast.etsy.com, all under $5. There are beads, pins, pendants, and they're all girly and cute and want you to take them home. I picked up a pair of these bad boys for $5 (including shipping) -- awesome.

So hey, $7! Not bad for someone's who's fairly new at the game. And there's plenty of cool stuff to be had for $7.

What would you spend your Vegas winnings on?

image from head2toebeauty.com


Susie Bubble said...

I really need to know where to buy Essie nail polishes!

Jeanne said...


I am 99% sure that I saw them at Selfridges when I visited London last spring!

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