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Monday, June 02, 2008

Viva Lost Wages!

I have had an extremely busy weekend -- there was excellent thrift luck to be had in the Mission, an awesome tech party on Saturday, and CupcakeCamp on Sunday. (Here's an elusive photo of me sans sunglasses with my newly thrifted jacket and a tiny delicious cupcake.)

Needless to say, while there's always something neat going on in San Francisco/Silicon Valley, I'm going to be heading out of town again! This weekend I'm headed down to Las Vegas with my family and the boyfriend, and I'm pretty excited! I've only been to Las Vegas once, and I was nineteen -- alas, too young to really take part in Las Vegas. I don't think I'll really be gambling much, though -- my concern is the shopping! (Las Vegas Sephoras are open until eleven PM or midnight! Amazing!!)

And, as we're really heading into summer, everyone's talking about packing for traveling! The newest edition of The Beauty Ideal has a whole bunch of articles on beauty on-the-go, especially the ones written by
Jamie of The Beauty of Life and Lilan of Daily Cookie. There's also hints on packing a carry-on at Girl-Woman-Beauty-Brains-Blog today, too. (She recommends the Bliss Travel/Trial essentials, which I have and I love. Definitely going in my bag.)

So I know I'm squared away with my beauty products, but what about fashion? The last time I was in Las Vegas, I packed one pair of flip-flops. Total. And they broke. I had to go to a Rite-Aid (!) and buy a pair of platform (!!) backless (!!!) sneakers (!!!!) in order to have a non-broken pair of shoes. As the Manolo would say, Ayyyy! So I'll definitely be avoiding that this time. (I don't even know where those shoes are now. Long gone, to say the least.) Still, I don't know what the weather will be like (besides, um, hot), and shoes are still going to be an issue, as I don't want to clomp around in sneakers or break my ankle (or a flip-flop).

I'm also thinking of getting a new swimsuit, since I do plan on spending a little bit of time by the pool, but a. I don't really need one and b. I could use a little help with some ideas...

What do you suggest for jetting off to Vegas for a weekend? I'm thinking cute sundresses, but I'd love to hear what you have to think, especially if you have experience with Vegas in June. (I also need some suggestions on new toenail polish colors!)

And if you're thinking of going to Vegas yourself, check out LUSH's new Viva LUSH Vegas contest and gift set -- if you buy the gift set and redeem the code that comes with it, you can be entered to win a trip to Las Vegas for a LUSH opening. (And even if you don't win, you now have a shiny box of LUSH stuff! Which is just as good! Maybe!)

image from usa.lush.com

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