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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Science Fair for December 10th-16th

How's everyone's holidays treating them so far? I'm feeling extra fabulous, since I am almost done with my presents (one more trip to the post office!) and finally got a chance to exfoliate last night. Mmm, pink grapefruit Crush on You (favorite exfoliant ever), followed by sweet vanilla mango Product Cream (yay free sample!); I smell delightfully like a pina colada now. It's been a busy week for me!

Here's what everyone else has been up to:

-Sex and the City Trailer! Sex and the City trailer! I am sort of ridiculously excited about this. Some of my best college memories are watching Sex and the City with my friends (which is ridiculous, I know, but it watching it was totally an event in my dorm.) It looks quite good from the short trailer, so I'm anxiously awaiting May.

-In other movie news: John Green's book An Abundance of Katherines is optioned for a movie and he's gets to write the screenplay... once he's done striking in his jammies. Oh John Green, why are you so adorable? Nerdfighers!

-The writers in L.A. are still striking too(although I think most of them are wearing actual pants,) and Pamie gives us our week six update: Television writers continue to be underpaid for their magic and thus have turned to using their magic to make real Peter Krause appear out of Peter Krause lookalikes; Road Joggers continue to be menaces. (Seriously. I know the road is often flatter than the sidewalk to run on, but come on. There are running trails everywhere. Stop being dangerous!)

-Speaking of sporty activities, Enell's released new low impact sports bra. I have one of their normal sports bras which basically compresses the crap out of my chest; great for running and my other cardio, kind of annoying for strength training. I'm definitely curious to read more reviews on the new one!

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go make like this adorable guy and work on my own Christmas tree!

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