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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Science Fair for December 24th-30th

It's a short one this week, since a) holiday week, and b) too many family members visiting for me to have time to troll the internet beyond my bloglines subscriptions.
Sorry guys. I shall make it a resolution to give you a more researched Science Fair next year. ;)

-On Things I've Bought that I Love, Mindy Kaling rounds up her favorites of the year. My favorites among her favorites: J.Crew (they have gone insane, and yet it is fantastic! Look at those shoes on her post!), and Paul Rudd (who doesn't love Paul Rudd? He should always be the winner of best of posts.) Not mentioned on her list? HERSELF. She's certainly on our lists.

-Blogdorf Goodman overviews the spring L.U.C.I. line, which includes the pale pink lip of my dreams (Jeanne and I have been searching all fall for a good replica of this shade, and here it finally is!)

-Author Maureen Johnson bids Brotherhood 2.0 adieu in a sentimental (and steamy) fashion, all while wearing some pretty excellent lip gloss. For those of you not inclined to follow antics of young adult authors (I know, I'm weird, I gave up celebrity gossip to make time to read ya author blogs. Clearly, nerd.) Brotherhood 2.0 has been an on-going project between brothers John and Hank Green, where for the entire year they've communicated sans text, and done alternating video blogs back and forth. Check them out if you've got some time. They are made of awesome.

This is it until next year for me, but stay tuned for Jeanne's Favorite Things 2007 post! (I know I'm excited!)

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