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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Gift Guide 2: A little bling in your stocking

Have you noticed all of the diamond and jewelry commercials going on? I listen to sports radio in the morning and afternoon (I carpool with my dad, what can I say?), and there are always ad spots about buying your lady "a unique gift" of a diamond bracelet or pendant or whatnot. Hello, if you're telling me, on the radio, how unique this gift is, there are probably thousands of other people listening who are getting the same idea. Not so unique anymore, is it?

Anyway, here are some lovely shiny things that are the right size to fit into a stocking, or could be a gift all their own.

- Pequitobun is my most favorite Etsy seller, period. [Seconded! Love her! -Kati] I love all of her pieces, and have gotten tons of compliments on the earrings I bought from her. One of my favorites are these, the "Space Age Betty" earrings -- I love the color of the stones and the clever repurposing of vintage jewelry (a Pequitobun signature). $65.

- I love colored stones. I really do. I almost regret that my birthday is in April (diamond) instead of one of the months with a stone like sapphire (September), emerald (May), or ruby (June). I should have held out for a few more days, dang it! And if I'd been born in December, I would have had blue topaz as my birthstone. CharmingSam.com has some gorgeous London blue topaz jewelry available, including this beautiful blue topaz and heart necklace. I've seen her work in person and it's stunning. $68.

- I sure do love dangly earrings, but I'm also a fan of cute posts. Sometimes a big dangly is just too much, and all you want is something simple, cute, and colorful. CaraLyndon.com is your answer for cute, colorful vintage posts. I've bought a couple of pairs from her, including some for gifts this year. I very nearly bought these Japanese glass rose earrings as a giftie, but ultimately decided on these instead. So those glass rose earrings could be all yours... $24.

- I love washi paper so much. I am totally a sucker for Japanese papers and textiles. In case you aren't familiar with ShanaLogic.com (formerly PixelGirl.com), it's a great boutique site with lots of different artists. One of them is Blend Creations, who make marvelous one-of-a-kind washi pendants. The circular ones and floral ones are all very cute, but I gotta say my favorites are the nature ones with ladybugs (ladybugs!! Ladybugs are to me what Boston terriers are to Karen.) and the gorgeous goldfish. (I totally bought a whole bunch of fabric in Japan featuring goldfish. And bunnies, but not on the same fabric.) I've always put this one up to wishful thinking, though, as they are a bit pricey. $93.

- And finally, glitter! Glamscience.com is the place for your glittery stationery, jewelry, and baby clothes needs. I bought some of her glitter bobby pins at Maker Faire in May, and then proceeded to chop my hair off even shorter. Sad! It also looks like her glitter jewelry is currently all sold out. Also sad! But if you know a knitter who likes to give knitted objects, these tags are a great gift. There's a space for the knitter to write down what fiber it is and how to care for the object (always important -- unless they tell you it's okay, don't throw your knitted gifties in the washing machine!!), and your choice of colored glitter! Super-cute stuff all around. $10.

So don't listen to that guy on the radio, even if you do now have "a friend in the diamond business". I'm your friend who's telling you that if you really want a unique sparkly gift, think a little more creatively. And you don't have to look all that hard -- I've got some ideas for you right here. And even if these come a little later than the deadline (a week away -- aiyee!), they'll still be appreciated.

images from pequitobun.etsy.com, charmingsam.com, caralyndon.com, shanalogic.com, and glamscience.com


pequitobun said...

thank you so much for your super kind post! =) happy holidays to you and yours. xx

Charming Sam said...

Ditto - thank you so much for the super kind post! If you feel like shopping at Charming Sam for some jewelry use discount code SHOPSAVE for a 30% discount and then if you choose USPS for shipping it is FREE.

Thanks again, I'll add you to my blog, www.charmingsam.blogspot.com

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