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Monday, December 24, 2007

Taking a break and giving back

We are taking a holiday break until the 27th or so! After that, you can expect some more posts, some resolutions for 2008, and us asking you for advice.

And if you're still scrambling for something to give, consider donating to Rocket Dog Rescue in someone's name. Rocket Dog Rescue is a rescue organization that takes dogs who've run out of last chances in the shelters and finds them homes. What's more, the founder of Rocket Dog Rescue, Pali Boucher, has rescued herself from homelessness and addiction for the love of these dogs.

On Friday the 21st, there was a fire at Boucher's home in San Francisco, killing the three dogs she was fostering, a wounded pigeon she was tending to, and her beloved parrot Chester, who she had raised from the egg.

I donated on Saturday night, and at that time they hadn't yet set up the Fire Emergency fund, but they have now. Even if you're not directly donating to the Fire Emergency fund, you'll be helping dogs who need help, hope, and love, especially more so now. So please, donate to Rocket Dog Rescue if you can. Good deeds are always in style.

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