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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Science Fair for November 26th - December 2nd

I was always the kid staying up late the night before a big project was due; how about you?

- Susie at StyleBubble tells us all about how she finds great designer items on Ebay.co.uk. Great tips and finds!

- I just finished this amazing book, The Secret Life of the Lonely Doll by Jean Nathan. If you ever read the book "The Lonely Doll", this is the story of Dare Wright, its author and photographer. It's a strange and beautiful biography, and it reminded me a lot of Grey Gardens, in that it's the story of a mother and a daughter, their two lives so tangled up in fantasy and in each other, with their own particular aesthetic. It really makes you look at the story of Edith the doll in a whole new (and very sad) light. The photographs of Dare Wright, who was a model as well as a photographer, are extremely haunting -- I can't look away from her (scroll down).

- Are you in the San Francisco area and looking for something fun and new for the holidays? The San Francisco Zoo is hosting the Reindeer Romp, where you can ice-skate in the zoo, see real reindeer, and watch as the animals receive "special presents". Glee! I love ice-skating, and I haven't been to the San Francisco Zoo since I was much younger. Alas, the day I most want to go, "Presents for the Meerkats" (meerkats!!), I already have plans.

- Some awesome gift guides are coming out: Modish's Holiday Gift Guide was a great help to me in finding gifts and stocking stuffers last year, and this year looks just as good. Gala Darling's Christmas gift guide is a lot of fun, too. I highly recommend going with handmade gifts this year, if you're letting someone else do the handmaking!

We'll be doing some more fun gift guide posts as we go on through December -- I know I've got at least one in the works!

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