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Friday, January 04, 2008

Resolutions for 2008

Earlier than last year, I must be growing up!

-Keep working out three times a week. (I know, it is the most boring annual resolution ever, but it gets me to the gym.)

-Branch out with the makeup/wardrobe a bit. I'm a very basic girl, but it wouldn't kill me to do a different smokey eye or a colorful lip every once in a while. And I have new boots dying for outings, so a break from the jeans and hoodie routine is in order, I think.

-Post more varied content and comment more often! The past couple of months were actually great on the varied content, but I want to keep up the variety. If left to my own devices, I'd just post about tv all the time (which does not work so well when there is a writer's strike on.)

-Read 50 literary classics and/or non-fiction books by the end of the year. This is part of my bring the blog some varied content movement; I'm planning mini-reviews every five to ten books. Literacy for all!

-Find new sporty activity to pursue as hobby. I've started ballroom dancing, which is fun, but would also help with weight loss goals to have another sporty hobby to do with people. Hiking? Jogging? Ultimate Frisbee? I have no idea, but something with hot guys would also be good. Especially if they like to take off their shirts.

-Give blood more than twice this year. It's my favorite way of giving back, and there's a definite need. Plus, they give me cookies. I love cookies.

-And finally, go on a proper grown-up vacation with a friend. I go visit my friends and family a lot, but I still have yet to go on actual vacation where I pay for my share of the hotel room and drink fruity drinks by the pool. I've got a brand new passport and I'm ready!

I still have trouble believing we've been at this for a year. I think we've been hitting our stride lately (at least I know I've been more comfortable with what I've been posting in the last two months,) and I want to keep up the quality. I'm definitely excited about some of the changes we're undergoing, and I hope you all will keep reading! We love hearing from you too!


Henna said...

You are a girl after my own heart - 50 classics or non-fiction?! That is ambitious indeed. I am reading Great Expectations right now. It was hard to get into but once you do it is amazing, and there are tons of plot twists along the way! Good luck!

Kati said...

Henna- I'm used to reading so much for school (it used to average about 1500 pages a week, yikes!) that now that I'm not in school I find myself itching to read in my spare time. Plus I don't think all the non-fiction ones will be too serious- Jeanne's been bugging me to read Candy Girl by Diablo Cody for awhile, so that's on the list too! But I will definitely add Great Expectations on there! Thank you!

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