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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Science Fair for January 14th-20th

January's more than half over, when did that happen? Hope everyone is having a good holiday weekend, I know I am!

- The SF Chronicle has an article about women in comedy:
"'I'll talk about it with anyone after a few beers,' laughs Schaal. 'Comedy is a reflection on society. That's what so good about it. So obviously, our society in America is still incredibly sexist.'"
Most of the women discussed in the article are performing at SF Sketchfest, which runs through Jan 27th.

-DGA makes a deal-- Is this a good sign for the Writer's Strike? I hope so, I miss TV already.

- Meg Cabot guest blogs on Trashionista! Meg Cabot! I want to be her when I grow up.

- Lindsay Lohan continues to dress like it's 2006, we want to buy her some pants and colored tights.

-The CW is re-airing the first season of Gossip Girl on Mondays starting on Jan. 28th, and they're including cast interviews and deleted scenes this time around. Quelle excitement! To tide you over until then, YumSugar's got the recipe for the Truffle Grilled Cheese featured in the pilot.

How was everyone's week? Are you all going to be watching Northanger Abbey like I am tonight?

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