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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Science Fair for January 7th - 13th

My first Science Fair for the new year! I can't believe we're still only two weeks in.

- I went and got my hair cut on Tuesday, and my super-awesome hairdresser gave me a copy of V Magazine to flip through. I haven't seen V Magazine before, and the editorial spreads are just stunning. The one that really caught my attention is Twisted, a shoe editorial... featuring the contortionist Raphaelle Boitel. Another great editorial is the winter fashion spread Spellbound featuring Raquel Zimmerman. Beautiful photography all around. I've already signed up for a subscription.

- Way back in November, I happened upon a post by The Soap Queen with the most amazing thing ever. CUPCAKE WINE. It's not actually made of cupcakes, and it's not wine you put into cupcakes, but it's Cupcake Vineyards. It's $10 at Cost Plus World Market, and currently it's likely set up near the Valentine's Day stuff that's already getting put out. (I wandered around the wine section at lunch on Wednesday, grumbled that I could not find it and so would go without, and found it at the register. Oh hey.) I know probably less about wine than I know about perfume, so take a look at Cork'd for a wine review. (Except I do know that it's a Chardonnay and not a Cabernet Sauvignon. Do I get points for that?)

- Remember how I talked about the Persepolis movie in my Books Gift Guide? It's now out in select theatres, and I went and saw it tonight. Here's a fantastic clip when Marjane is a university student. With singing, dancing, and it's just. Watch it. Tiguuurrrr.

- You may have already seen this linked from All Lacquered Up, but if you haven't, here are Beauty Tips from Lolcats. Awesome.

- From Specktra.net's beauty blog, Tendertones are coming back!! Tendertones made my best of 2007 list, so hooray for them coming back! Awesome! (Also, Naughty Nauticals? Sounds like a collection that will have a lot of navy blue, like Chanel's current spring collection.)

I know I've been promising a makeover for the blog, but this week is it! So if you catch us with some bra-straps showing (aiyee!) or our shoelaces untied, know that it's all going to be prettied up and finished this week. Whether that means ready to go on Monday or finished by Friday, I'm not sure (let's hope for Monday!), so be ready for the announcement!

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