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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Hopes and goals for 2008

A year (and a day) ago, I put up my first blog post with my beauty and blog resolutions for 2007. Some of them I failed miserably (was I really going to deny myself any form of chocolate?). This year, I'm hoping to do better, so here I go:

1. I want to wear skirts and shorts this spring and summer, so I need to take better care of my legs earlier in the year. I can't keep hiding them under jeans all year round. This was one of my goals last year and I didn't make it, but this year, I will!

2. I want to attend and report on at least one fashion or beauty-related event this year. Whether it's Fashion Week San Francisco or a designer appearance (I missed out on Louboutin at Neiman Marcus, and had to decline an invitation to a Frederic Malle event -- aaaaugh), I want to go out and get involved and get my name on some lists. The DuWop event last year was a good start, but I could have done a better job with the reporting. So better luck this year!

3. I also want to reach out more to other bloggers and get more involved. So if you see me popping up in your comments section, that means I'm working on this goal! I'm also going to be attending BlogHer '08 in San Francisco this July, so that'll be another great way to meet other bloggers.

4. I want to take better care of my skin -- I need to get some good sunglasses, find a good eye cream with SPF for daytime (my poor under-eye skin!), and do a better job at keeping my hands off my face. My skin is better than it could be, but also not as good as it could be. I don't even want to start thinking about anti-aging stuff, but sooner or later, I'm going to have to. (Let's hope it's later!)

5. I want to play more with color. I've got lots of fun lipsticks and eyeshadows in colors I haven't even worn yet, so I need to take the time to make it happen. I also think that the new MAC collections for Fafi (February) and Heatherette (March) will help me out with this one. How much do I want this hot pink lipstick from the Fafi collection? (For more info on those collectons, go check out Specktra's blog, if you're not a devotee of Specktra itself.)

6. Finally, not really a resolution but definitely a goal: 2008 is going to be a bigger, better year for the blog itself. We've got an awesome makeover in the works (expect it by the end of January!), and we've got plans to keep it going in the direction we want it to go in. Plus I'm getting more comfortable with my voice on the blog the more I write in it (if you look at some of my earlier posts, I seem so aaaawkwaaaard). We've got one year under our belts, but 2008 should be a better year for us with getting more established and more awesome.

What are your goals and resolutions for 2008? Will I be seeing you in July? (Will you be seeing my legs in July is really the question, isn't it?)


AMPlifier said...

I wish I could go to BlogHer! I'm on the East Coast and it would be difficult for me to get out there for that... They're having events in NYC too this year, but they're more for the internet entrepreneurs in particular. I'm hoping they'll move the conference to an east coast location for '09...

Jeanne said...

AMP, have you heard about the Reach Out Tour on the East Coast? It's going to be in October and it starts in Boston.

If you do get a chance to come out to San Francisco (and even if it's not for BlogHer), you should!

Susan said...

I'll be at BlogHer, too! We'll have cocktails.

And Caudalie makes a FANTASTIC eye cream -- no SPF, sadly, but it is keeping my wrinkles at bay quite nicely. And Terralina makes the Best Face Cream EVER.

That is all.

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