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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Busy busy busy!

Oh MAN, have I been busy these past few weeks! I moved desks at work and got a bunch of new assignments on top, came home to California for a week's vacation and I haven't had a moment to myself! My goodness. It's been a week full of doctor's, dentist's, and hair appointments at home, not to mention taking care of my elderly grandfather while he visits us, too. It can all get a little overwhelming for a girl sometimes. I haven't even been able to put together a passable WorkWear Daily in WEEKS, I've been so uninspired!

So, 3:00 in the morning though it may be, I am taking this time out to give myself a little breather, a little escape, a little fantasy-land time in the world of glorious fashion we like to call this blog. It's about time to start thinking about light spring jackets to get us through these cold April-May nights, guys!

In breathy anticipation of the return of Doctor Who tomorrow night in the UK (fourth season!), I thought I would take inspiration for spring from one of my favorite sources: TV wardrobe. I almost wrote "costuming" there until I remembered that "costuming" should really be reserved for period shows like Miss Marple, say, but then Doctor Who is in a category all its own. Case in point, we have Rose Tyler and the Doctor ending up on a dead planet, trapped in a cursed space station in the two-part "The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit." See below, Rose's amazing asymmetrical-zip hot-pink jacket:
Rose & the Doctor, Forbidden Planet
I remember seeing Rose's jacket and my first thought being, WHERE DID SHE GET THAT I WANT IT--then remembering that a wardrobe department is wholly responsible for it. What are your thoughts on the asymmetrical jacket? I have yet to find a good style where the zipper doesn't buckle oddly, but there is a sneaking suspicion that somehow, magically, the asymmetrical zip makes you look thinner. Yes, no?

Next up, we have the retro and tough-to-pull-off-without-looking-lumpy cropped jacket, seen again on Rose:
Rose & the Doctor, 1950s
Ogle and adore the Doctor's aviator glasses and bouffant hairdo, then let's move on to the jackets, shall we? I've put together this Polyvore collage of some Doctor Who-style jackets, Rose-themed of course:

From the top left and clockwise around: Soundgirl's bike party jacket, Oli (UK) bomber, Republic (UK) "miso" bomber, a surprising choice from Overstock.com, and two Dorothy Perkins hardcore biker jackets--both remind me of this scene, which just makes me CRY. If you click on the link, you'll see an excellent example of cold-spring-night layering that I have often employed, namely the hoodie-under-jacket combination. A+!

Now, lest I become all talk, I will admit to buying a jacket for spring while shopping with my grandmother. I have conflicted feelings about it. If I could find a photo online OR my camera, I would show you, but it would be embarrassing. It's from Charter Club, at Macy's. I know. Not for young, vivacious girls traipsing about big cities in their dainty girl-clothes, but it's actually kind of...cute? Dare I say it? It's cream and black paisley with purple and green floral designs, definitely not something I would have picked off the rack for myself, but what can I say? Grandma has THE EYE. Still, I wish I could have some of these more military/equestrian-inspired jackets:

From the top left and clockwise around, all utterly out of my price range: Alexander McQueen asymmetrical tailored jacket--don't you love how the buttons nip it at just the right point at the waistline?, a naval-chic BCBG MaxAzria asymmetrical button jacket--I love the trim, another Oli piece that is rather structured and pretty, and finally, a row of great leather jackets by McQueen, Miu Miu, and Mike&Chris. I am quite curious about this Oli store...it looks deceptively cheap but cute as hell, in a Target-in-the-US way. Can anyone from the UK clarify for us?

What are you looking forward to wearing this spring? I'm definitely seeing mainstream clothing stores picking up on last year's bright-yellow trend these days! There is a delicious cream-colored straw fedora with a wide black lace trim just waiting for me on the shelf for a warm Saturday afternoon walk through Central Park. Since I'm a budget-minded girl, I'm going to have to stick with my old, distressed teal H&M bikers jacket and a newish winter coat from Institut in SoHo. I can but try to approach the great fashion heights of the BBC!

Images from bbc.co.uk and polyvore.com.


Super Kawaii Mama said...

Oh The Doctor! *swoon* While I like rose's jacket, I'd much prefer him as my latest addition. :)

Anonymous said...

I've been looking for a jacket like the pink one above but I'm having trouble. Do you know what material Rose's pink jacket is, I can't really tell from the picture?

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