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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Periodic Style news update!

Karen is currently on an airplane, so Science Fair may be a bit delayed this week! Because we <3 you, here's some Periodic Style news:

- After our interview with Julie Teel, she gave me an update as to what she's doing now that the writer's strike is over (hooray!). Her newest gig: she's now working on 30 Rock as Tina Fey's makeup artist! So. Awesome. So. Jealous.

- The petrie dishes are still under observation; I didn't see any growth at room temperature (which is, I suppose, good for all of us who keep our mascara at room temp!), so I stuck a heating pad under it on Thursday to see if I could kick it into growing something. I've been leaving it alone to grow, so I don't know what kind of grossness may have emerged in the past couple of days... but I will keep you posted. I'm still debating if seven weeks is long enough to really get something good and icky out of it; I may have to try again. Consumer Reports says you should replace it every three months; others say six (!!). What do you think: should I try and go for the full three months? And if I do, should I go with Great Lash again (please say no!), or should I try a different brand of mascara?

- In case you haven't noticed, we've joined some awesome new blogging networks: Total Beauty and Coutorture Media. We're super-excited to be part of both of them -- Total Beauty is an exciting new company, and I've been a fan of Coutorture since I first started following beauty and fashion blogs in late 2006. We're also a member of IFBU: Independent Fashion Bloggers, which is an amazing resource for anyone who's interested in blogging about fashion or beauty or just blogging, period.

- Are you on Twitter? Because we are! If you want to keep track of our blog updates, it's periodicstyle; if you want to follow (or contribute to!) the daily mini-misadventures of me (Jeanne) or Kati, we're at msjeanneb and kitkati, respectively.

That's the news! Good night, and have a pleasant tomorrow!

image from en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weekend_Update

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